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Lastly, I live by the business card scanner! This feature has saved me a ton of time. Love it!! Transcription by a real person is way more accurate than OCR card scanners, especially when people seem to insist on using light print on dark color cards with font so small you can hardly see it with a magnifying glass.

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Adding tags to contacts is very helpful, I can search by tag to find contacts that I met at the same business meeting or are in the same kind of work. This is exactly the kind of feedback which makes us accomplish more. Thanks for inspiring us! Time to fix this app. There are basic things I could do in Full Contact that I cannot do anymore. For example, mass edit tags and order my contacts by click and drag. As you fix it, please consider that the old navigation was replaced with a weaker navigation.


So, now that you have consolidated your brand, please fix the UX. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Denise Robins. Groom online at bearalley. Novels portal. Categories : births deaths British people of Russian descent 20th-century British novelists English romantic fiction writers. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Claire Lorrimer 3 Anne Eleanor Robins. Denise Robins, one of our greatest authors, knew she could sell on her name more than other authors could. She was a superstar, and she knew it. Our problem was to find a way to satisfy the superstar.

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Superstars weren't grateful. They wanted my name on their list. They tempted me with what was the biggest offer I had ever received from any literary quarter, a cheque for one thousand pounds , free, gratis, and for which I need do no work. It was merely for signing the contract! I did not go behind Charles Boon's back. I told him the facts. Unfortunately he was so annoyed by Ivor Nicholson's offer that he refused to compete and at once released me from my contract with his firm.

How does one go about accounting for these unknowable unknowns? Ben: This is the paradox of analytics.

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We tried very hard in Lean Analytics to shed some light on the details what you should track, when, how, why but at the same time we were careful to not be overly prescriptive. There are too many variables. I like to think of Lean Analytics as a tool to poke a very large and perhaps painful! Entrepreneurs have to keep an open mind, remain agile, and adapt.


They have to handle all sorts of craziness, but with an intellectually honest approach, using validated learning on-the-fly! At a more specific level what I think this comes down to is this: measure everything but focus on one thing at a time. And use an exploratory approach, every so often, to dig into your data to solve the key problems you have. We have a great example in the book of how Mike Greenfield did this with his startup, Circle of Friends.

The problem was engagement; too few people were using Circle of Friends actively enough.

So Mike started digging into his data and found a market segment in this cases moms that were insanely active. Every minute metric e.

Mike saw a problem engagement and went looking for a solution in his data. Mike ended up with a smaller user base, but one that was incredibly engaged, which was necessary for him to scale the business and eventually exit.

Sign in. Get started. Love the Problem. Ash Maurya Follow. Love the Problem Thoughts on using Continuous Innovation to build products your customers cannot refuse.

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