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They have a good reputation for building reliable trouble - free cars. Her knee trouble is expected to keep her out of the game for the rest of the season. B2 [ U ] problems in the form of arguments , fighting , or violence :. Listen, I don't want any trouble in here, so please just finish your drink and leave. My parents said we had to leave at the first sign of trouble. A woman in the street saw that he was in trouble and came to his aid. You wouldn't believe the amount of trouble I've had with this car. She got through her exams without too much trouble.

I was always getting in trouble for misbehaving at school.

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Difficult things and people. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Difficult situations and unpleasant experiences.

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Advantage and disadvantage. Violent or aggressive. B2 [ U ] slight problems or effort :.

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I didn't mean to cause you any trouble. It's annoying , but I don't think I'll go to the trouble of mak ing an official complaint. He knew damn well how much trouble it would cause. After all the trouble she put me to, I didn't feel disposed to help her. Great trouble is taken to keep our database up-to-date.

If you'd say yes to the request you'd save a lot of trouble. I hope the children haven't caused you too much trouble. Idioms be asking for trouble. I asked her what was troubling her, but she didn't want to talk. Many of us are deeply troubled by the chairman's decision. My conscience would really trouble me if I wore a fur coat. She was troubled by the conflicting interests of a career and a family.

Several well-known women have been troubled by stalkers recently. My eyes have been troubling me recently. They were greatly troubled by rumours that he was to lose his job.

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Causing anxiety and worry. Causing feelings of anger and displeasure. I can't reach it.

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The source of my nickname. Troubles unknown. Term used to describe the violent campaigns carried out by Irish nationalist groups such as the Irish Republican Army to achieve independence from the United Kingdom.

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The term applies both to the violence leading to formation of the Republic of Ireland i. War of Independence and the Irish Civil War in the early 20th century, and also to the more recent violence in and about Northern Ireland, which dated from the late s. Rembrandt Mini ladd Buttmunch Hambug Invite us to your campus or community. Find out more here. Get the book!

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