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Thomas Habinek. The Uses of Greek Mythology. The Nature of the Gods. The editors, John Boardman, Jasper Griffen, and Oswyn Murray--all eminent classicists--intersperse chapters on political and social history with sections on literature, philosophy, and the arts, and reinforce the historical framework with maps and historical charts. The two volumes also offer bibliographies and a full index, as well as black and white photographs integrated into the text.

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The contributors--thirty of the world's leading scholars--present the latest in modern scholarship through masterpieces of wit, brevity, and style. Greek Drama-- 8.

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Greek Historians-- 9. Life and Society in Classical Greece-- Classical Greek Philosophy-- Greek Religion-- Greek Art and Architecture-- The History of the Hellenistic Period-- Hellenistic Culture and Literature-- Hellenistic Philosophy and Science-- This beautifully illustrated study covers the period from the eighth century BC, which witnessed the emergence of the Greek city-states, to the conquests of Alexander the Great and the establishment of the Greek monarchies some five centuries later.

Chapters dealing with political and social history are interspersed with chapters on philosophy and the arts, including Homer, Greek myth, Aristotle and Plato, Greek dramatists such as Sophocles and Aristophanes, and the flourishing of the visual and plastic arts.

The Oxford History of Greece and the Hellenistic World

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