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Over the past 20 years, CTI Coaches Training Institute have trained over 35, coaches, consultants and managers worldwide and today trains more new coaches each year than any other training program. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Westerners used to have the impression of China as the 'sick man of Asia'. China promoted the sport as a political campaign.

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The government called for the whole nation to learn from ping pong players. The Great Helmsman himself took it up — with a Double Happiness racket, says Lou — and even the youngest were encouraged to play.

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Hit it with your socialist bat and you have won a point for the motherland," the top athletes were exhorted. When the Cultural Revolution convulsed China, Rong and two other national players were hounded to their deaths.

But by , the game was on the rise again, helping pave the way for the Sino-US rapprochement. An American team arrived to challenge Chinese players in the legendary "ping pong diplomacy" initiative, fought out on Double Happiness tables.

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Table tennis was "the one and only" sport back then, recalls the Chinese poet and detective novelist Qiu Xiaolong, who now lives in the US. His prized red racket was widely coveted; and, one day, borrowed by a high-profile schoolmate. The eager player was Bo, whose ousting as party secretary of Chongqing this spring was the biggest political earthquake in China for decades.

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The finest are still made in the Shanghai suburbs. Even now, much of the work is carried out by hand. Young men sweep metre-long feather dusters across the surfaces of boards to ensure they are immaculate before they are sent through a curtain of cobalt paint. The variation in a table's coating depth must be no more than 0.

If the paint is any thicker in one place it influences how long the ball stays on the table and how it angles and bounces off … Every single point must be exactly the same," says the factory's deputy director, Jin Yuanwei. Enter your email address and your username and password will be emailed to you. Close Modify Account. Modify Account First Name:. Zip code:.

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If this is your company, update your listing here. Category International Sourcing. First founded in the year , Double Happiness Cooker Company researched, developed and produced t First founded in the year , Double Happiness Cooker Company researched, developed and produced the first pressure cooker of China in