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Bob Woodward's Trump book Fear sells 1 million copies in a week

Bob Woodward, left, speaking at the Newseum in Washington, D. Trump realDonaldTrump September 7, Trump realDonaldTrump September 10, Lozada : I think we've seen three broad categories of Trump-in-the-White-House books so far. First you have the books by horrified outside observers who fear that Trump is an existential threat to democracy or truth or the American experiment.

Newt Gingrich is a prolific contributor to this second category; his books Understanding Trump and Trump's America are classics of the cozying, suck-up genre.

The Gift of Fear : Gavin de Becker :

Omarosa is a rare hybrid of these two categories, the sycophant-turned-critic. Woodward belongs in the third and most immediately useful category -- journalistic efforts to explore particular aspects of the Trump presidency. Some of these books are more specific, such as Russian Roulette by David Corn and Michael Isikoff, who explore the Trump-Russia scandal, or the forthcoming book The Apprentice: Trump, Russia and the Subversion of American Democracy by my Washington Post colleague Greg Miller , who examines the full arc of that story, from the hacking of the Democrats to the Robert Mueller investigation.

Woodward is different in that he doesn't focus solely on the Russia story, trying instead offer a sense of the mood and process inside the White House across a range of issues, including trade policy, national security, and of course the Mueller investigation, too. And he brings infinitely more credibility to that inside-the-room approach than, say, Michael Wolff with Fire and Fury.

Cillizza: Woodward has done this sort of thing before with presidents. Does his approach to the Trump White House and the book it produced differ in any meaningful ways from the books he wrote on Bush and Obama?

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Lozada : Well, he wrote two books on Obama and four books on Bush, so it might be a little early to compare his Trump book to his work on both those presidents. A couple of contrasts: He grew more critical of Bush over the course of the four books, whereas the picture he paints of Trump is dire from the start.

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And his Obama books each had a central focus: policy decisions over the war in Afghanistan in Obama's Wars and budget negotiations with the Republicans in The Price of Politics. In Fear , however, he spans lots of different battles and policy arenas.

It's more expansive, less targeted. The depth of dysfunction inside the White House. The President's unpredictability and moodiness.

Full Nothing - The Book of Fears

Look Inside. May 11, ISBN True fear is a gift.

The Gift of Fear—Why I Think Every Woman Should Read This Book

Unwarranted fear is a curse. Learn how to tell the difference. The new nanny gives a mother an uneasy feeling. A stranger in a deserted parking lot offers unsolicited help. The threat of violence surrounds us every day. But we can protect ourselves, by learning to trust—and act on—our gut instincts. Shattering the myth that most violent acts are unpredictable, de Becker, whose clients include top Hollywood stars and government agencies, offers specific ways to protect yourself and those you love, including…how to act when approached by a stranger…when you should fear someone close to you…what to do if you are being stalked…how to uncover the source of anonymous threats or phone calls…the biggest mistake you can make with a threatening person…and more.