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Eventually I gave in to the pampering. Relaxing my muscles and enjoying the ride, my face soon bore a smile similar to the ones sported by these guys…. Local fisherman had long made a habit of stopping here for a rest or a quick bite.

Philip accommodated both, of course. More pampering….


For more on the unique mix of pampering and adventure on offer at Deep Water Cay, be sure to visit the property online. Barts St. Croix St. Eustatius St. Rico Salazar is the head of a large drug operation. He finds the perfect spot to run things from and has patrol boats keep everyone away.

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Everyone knows the consequences of venturing into his area. They ignore her premonition and trouble strikes. Her parents put her over the side to save her. Unfortunately she is found in the water and taken to the island.

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For a sixteen year old she has a lot more smarts than most kids her age. She knows the only way to survive and possibly escape is to play along. Madeleine becomes so good at playing along that Rico begins to trust her. He gives her more and more jobs to do.

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She is creative enough in handling them that she occasionally causes him some setbacks. He doesn't suspect her. Finally she is given the opportunity to make a delivery to the US. Once there she slips away. This seems easy since she had never given him her real name. But how long can she remain hidden from him and his men? This was a page turner. The action was steady enough to keep me non-stop turning the pages until I had finished it.

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