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Once again, good luck to the people running the Berlin Marathon tomorrow longrun running endurance endurancetraining ultratraining miles spitfirescramble hardrun miles instarunning runharder 24hourruntraining mentaltoughness. Flipping proud of that!! Especially since it was super breezy tonight on my way out.. Good luck to all of our friends racing the Virginia 10 Miler tomorrow! Just a quick run before a 14 hour shift. Recovery is SO important, especially during training season. I love both my drteals salt baths and ice baths, compression socks, but also my rollrecovery time.

I love that dig deeper feeling after a long run. Cuando amas lo que haces cada intento es una victoria. We run the night- Vienna Nightrun There is so much to find joy in!

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Today was cute kids having fun with crazy hair day, an unplanned solo morning run, good music and perfect weather even with the wind. Happy friends!! There are no limits. You make them up and so do I. In between pace tonight Anyone else find day 3 of a new program or getting back into a routine is the hardest?? Just me?? I dunno lol Anyway It was chilly tonight and I had to keep breathing into my hands haha. Got it done. Feeling fine!! A day of mixed emotion!

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  7. Not my fastest time but it was my highest finish in a half marathon This afternoon was just that for me! I was soaking in the gorgeous views all around me and loving chasing my little guy on his bike and having my hubs running next to me. Running is something I love and makes me happy and doing it with the ones I love and that make me the most happy is always the best.

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    Happy Monday and 1st day of fall! Even in the rain-- managed to almost shave off a minute from my time yesterday. Actually the rain was almost refreshing when it wasn't coming down so hard it was washing mascara into my eyes haha nikerunclub mondayeveningrun timeimprovement pushharder run runfaster runharder rainorshine rainwontstopme. A successful day out at the frisbee field. Today is a gift.

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    Right now is what you have. Choose happiness and love and care of yourself and others. And run!! We might need the legs by the end of the day.

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    What's one thing you're going to work on this week or one area you'd like to change in yourself? Comment below and share so we can all inspire each other. This run is dedicated to YOU, whoever and wherever you are! Lets be honest, no one looks good running thrive thrivepandp thrivepp fridayfunny run running sweat redhotandsweaty gross runharder.

    Nothing makes you run faster than being chased by a semi naked man, at night through the woods! The short distance was made harder by the metres of elevation gain, but it was an absolute battle. I had to fight hard at every kilometre to hold my place, with other competitors constantly breathing down my neck and looking for an opportunity to overtake. All of my other events so far have just been a run, but this was a true race in every sense and I loved it. Each mistake is an opportunity to grow, learn and come back stronger.

    Never be afraid to turn up on the day and give it your best shot, regardless of the outcome runhonest. This speaks so much volume - The more you run, the fitter, happier and stronger you become, not just physically but mentally too!

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    Dieses Foto ist nicht von der DM in Siegburg I couldn't meet my personal expectations but nevertheless I got a new PB time which is This photograph was not taken at the race obviously But the course felt pretty much as this shot looks alike. Core power training is speculation, to conserve against injury by balancing the spine and pelvis. You will provide yourself a powerful foundation, for efficientrunning action by making a steady core. Adequate exercise is all about genuine approach.

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    This can be tough to attain for lot of people, since core strengths is barely established. Photo Of :- stefffeld. Ya entrenaste?? We need to improve endurance. Morning sunshines!! That finish line feeling! For those of you running autumn marathons you are now getting to the crucial weeks in your preparations! I wanted to turn around and go home.

    I wanted my run to be over But you will only have one journey!

    Strength Training,. Be conventional regarding how much you lift freeweight. You may strain your muscles, if you handle weights that are too bulky. Execute two sets of repetition for every exercise and when you have grown tougher, proceed along the series twice. Photo Of :- chloelouiseruns. Limit table discussions to agreeable or neutral topics. This is a great time to share your day with your family. I have so many fond memories of sitting around the dinner table with my parents and my two sisters when I was a little girl.

    That is why I kept the tradition for my own super-busy family even without knowing just how important family mealtimes could be. As you can see, there are so many reasons for making family meals a priority. Some food for thought: If you are too busy to have family meals, you may just be too busy! Photo by Blair Ball Photography. As she watched the runners and walkers complete their 3. The award-winning program has strong support among the participants. Tana Mitchell, the first walker to cross the finish.

    Jude Half Marathon on Dec. Mitchell, not a runner, started training with the walkers in the WRWM program. Her finish time in the 5K was Kristin Hildrebrand was the top runner in the event, covering the 3. Hildebrand, an experienced runner, recently moved to Memphis from the Chicago area and started training 6. McNeely trained with the beginners this year as a way to return to running. She found that she benefited from the encouragement and information from the coaches, particularly regarding running shoes and hydration. Jude Memphis Marathon weekend. Cassandra Morgan, a first-timer this year, said she could see results quickly.

    I went from a minute 5K to 38 minutes. Jude weekend. Prather is signed up for the St. Jude Half Marathon. The others are training for the 10K.

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    Prather trained with the Intermediate 1 group. The coaches are really good at inspiring you. Jude Half Marathon in December.

    follow You meet a lot of nice ladies. For their part, the coaches see the process as beneficial to both sides. The answer was yes. If you are running, I hope your training and 9. We can always use more. Stay safe when you are out there running in the evenings or early mornings.

    She is now a member of the MRTC board of directors. This is her introduction to the membership. She told me I, too, could run half marathons. She was right. I did my first half in I love my walkers. Volunteering for races just naturally followed.