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5 principles for leaders to release the supernatural

When God breaks through in a miracle for our family, it's for all of us to celebrate and be thankful for. Invite angels into their lives. I pray for the angelic to be active in my children and grandchildren's lives. I also teach them to ask angels into their own lives. Matthew tells us there are angels assigned to each child. Why is this important? Because whether we want it to or not, our children will be exposed to spiritual warfare in some way or another as they grow up, and we should equip them with what they need to understand and overcome that.

Yes, though we have known Christ according to the flesh, yet we do not regard Him as such from now on. The truth is that someone profound is growing up in your home. They should be able to use the gift of distinguishing of spirits 1 Cor.

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It goes without saying that it's a great honor to raise up God's powerful little people into the destinies He has over their lives. I want to encourage you today to start looking at your kids in a different light—in the light of their spirits, not just their flesh. Ask the Lord to show you how He sees your children and the power He's placed inside of them.

Write it down and encourage them in it!

Do you include your children in ministry? How do you teach them about the supernatural? Tell me about it in the comments! Kris travels internationally, training and equipping people to successfully fulfill their divine purpose. He's a best-selling author, having written more than a dozen books and training manuals to help prepare believers for life in the kingdom.

He has a diverse background in business, counseling, consulting, pastoring and teaching, which gives him unique leadership insights and perspectives. Kris has a passion to use his experience and his prophetic gift to assist world leaders in achieving their goals and accomplishing their mission. This article originally appeared at krisvallotton. Great Resources to help you excel in !

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The correct course of action is to request a review of your account status by contacting webmaster charismamedia. You may recognize these stages in the heavenly encouragement you hear for others. Please note that some words from God take time and process to fully unfold. We ought to just focus on our part—nothing more, nothing less read 1 Corinthians Revelation: This is the moment you tune into God and pick up what He is saying for someone else.

Interpretation: The message you receive may need interpreting, most commonly associated with dreams, visions, and prophetic pictures. Many times, someone else may have the interpretation.

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I believe God gives the interpretation to others to encourage unity in the Body of Christ. It forces us to need each other. Application: A supernatural download or spiritual unveiling is never for our entertainment. It is given for the purpose of action. We need to respond to the message we hear from God. Once the prophetic word is tested against the weight of scripture and is measured by love, we must respond accordingly. Remember, it all begins with getting close to Jesus Christ—spending time with Him and tuning into His voice—ignoring any static.

If we are going to talk about the true heart of worship, this John is where we must begin. It is in this interaction between Jesus and the woman at the well where we learn what God desires when it comes to our worship. This whole conversation starts when Jesus, tired after a long journey, asks a Samaritan woman at a nearby well for a drink of water.

Surprised that Jesus would even talk to her Jews refused to associate with Samaritans , she shoots Him down. Never missing a chance to meet the needs of others, Jesus starts sifting through the cultural prejudices and misconceptions, pressing into the depths of who this woman was. He explains that He offers living water that never runs dry, permanently satisfying our thirsts. Much like this woman, we are all wired with a desire to be known. This is a trait we get from our Creator who also desires to be known. She was thirsty for deeper relationship. He had her attention now.

Living in the Realm of the Supernatural, Equipping God's People for Kingdom Business

She recognized Him as a prophet who had answers, and she had questions. So which is it? We worship what we know. But a time is coming, and is even here now, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is seeking these worshippers. This answer is perfect.

The heart of God for us is revealed so beautifully in this statement. Yes, Jesus points out the kind of worship that God desires, but did you catch what He said that was even bigger? His heart burns for you, not just your worship. Just like that woman at the well, Jesus is interested in who you are and wants you to know who He is. True worship takes place within true relationship. He went to the cross so He could revel in you for all eternity. You are His greatest desire!

He wants to know you and to be known by you. The same goes for Abraham in Genesis Your spirit is deeper than your skin, your emotions, or your mental makeup. It is the essence of who you are.