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Give them a book. One to reinvigorate them for the daily hurly-burly, or one to help them escape it. In each case, I've either looked at the book already, or been impressed by a previous work from the same author, or had the new book recommended to me by a trusted source of information. In Kowal's alternative-history novel, a catastrophic meteor strike jump-starts America's space program in the s, when the working computers were brilliant women, not machines. Recommended for fans of "Hidden Figures.

After a visiting con artist is murdered during a dust storm, a small-town sheriff and his wife pursue justice in s Oklahoma. A vivid evocation of life during the Dust Bowl; you might need a glass of water at hand while reading Loewenstein's novel. A stunning gift set for readers of children's literature.

The New Yorker writer revisits the fire that gutted the Los Angeles Public Library, consuming or damaging more than a million volumes. Orlean explores how librarians and the community responded to the disaster, including novel techniques devised to save some wounded books. She also probes the mystery of who started the fire. In this bitterly comic novel, an uptight nurse in Lagos keeps bailing out her gorgeous younger sister, whose strategy for breaking up with boyfriends seems to involve a large knife.

A friendly tip sheet: Mustich imagines the books he would stock in a shop that had room for exactly 1, different titles. In Orange's unflinching novel, a dozen urban Native Americans converge on the Big Oakland Powwow on a day when violence will occur. In Liu's novel, a young Chinese scientist whose parents were killed by ball lightning devotes his life to understanding the phenomenon, bringing him in contact with people who want to weaponize his research.

From the author of the "Three-Body Problem" trilogy. More than 1, double-columned pages with scores of stories about female sleuths and private eyes, including ones written by Laura Lippman, Sara Paretsky, Mary Roberts Rhinehart and Carolyn Wells. In this new installment in an engaging series, an eccentric pair of London police detectives investigate murder amid the wackiness of the swinging '60s.

Publishes Dec. In this mystery set in Door County, a Washington Island musical festival is disrupted by the arrival of a dead body on the ferry. A highly praised debut story collection that the publisher wittily describes as "'Black Mirror' meets Black Lives Matter. A story of friendship and grief that intertwines the AIDS crisis of the s with today. In Kim's novel, the onset of the Korean War in separates young sisters. One lives in the United States with her family; the other grows up in Korea. A posthumous collection of stories about the kinds of folks who might end up in Tom Waits songs.

Stories by the author of "The Illusion of Separateness" inspired by anecdotes people have told him. A young woman who worked for the British spy service in World War II finds perils from her past returning in peacetime.

The Brutal Telling (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache #5) by Louise Penny Audiobook Full 1/2

From the author of the remarkable "Life After Life. A young field slave in Barbados is turned over to his cruel master's eccentric brother, the inventor of an experimental airship.

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During World War I, a young medical student joins a solitary nurse in a field hospital, treating shell shock while also getting shocks of his own. Comedian and genuine Russian studies scholar Groskop turns to Tolstoy, Anna Akhmatova, Solzhenitsyn and their ilk for life coaching, including such tips as "Don't forget to take your spoon to prison with you. Campbell, Isaac Asimov, Robert A.

Heinlein, L. A group biography of central figures in American SF writing. A book of reading suggestions and nifty facts that's teeming with colorful illustrations. A great gift for bookish teens as well as adults. A delight for fussbudgets and trivia lovers. Here you go. Laymon revisits the abuse he suffered growing up both black and obese in Mississippi, as well as his complex relationship with his mother.

Two Girls Down

A book for people who appreciated Roxane Gay's memoir "Hunger. A short book of short meditations and explorations of sleeplessness and its discontents from a well-read writer. Buy two and put one in the guest room! A biography of the actor, governor and president that focuses on the person and character, from a writer who knows show biz.

Mystery Beginning Chapter Books for Kids (ages 6 – 9)

Weinman explores the story of the real crime that inspired Vladimir Nabokov's novel. Essays on such topics as the Virginia Tech shooter, tiger mothers and "Fresh off the Boat" that often draw on Yang's nuanced understanding of the complexities of being Asian in America. Harvard professor and The New Yorker regular Lepore explores how the "truths" expressed in the Declaration of Independence have and have not been realized in the history of this country.

McCoy and Dr. Short essays by historian Montefiore and collaborators on towering figures from Rameses the Great and Saladin to Nelson Mandela. A veteran Quaker pastor shares his spiritual journey, particularly what he has learned through questioning his own assumptions and received ideas.

Flesh & Blood Series

A former Seattle Seahawks running back and his spouse share the family journey of raising twin sons on the autism spectrum. A handy appendix lists all the books mentioned in this book. Wisconsin had a large role in the era of nuclear terror and Red scares. In her pursuit of this dream, she befriends a special dragon who, along with magical dragon slippers, changes her life. Greek gods still exist and so do their kids, demigods, who have incredible abilities.

Unfortunately for these kids, monsters are out to kill them. But, they are also the only ones who can save the world from a war between the Greek gods the Titans. Teddy and Summer think so. Mystery, adventure, and humor will keep your readers on the edge of their seats in this unique story with lovable, quirky characters. If she wants to survive, she must figure out how to live in the wild where the animals see her as a monster. That slowly changes when Roz adopts a gosling and makes a nest.

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But he starts to get clues when straight out of the hospital when a strange girl dumps ice cream on his head. This thought-provoking novel will challenge kids to consider their choices, behavior, and life goals. You can imagine how his plan will go, right? In this beautifully written, soulful novel, Esperanza learns to thrive no matter what her circumstances. Totally hilarious and quite short—which is appealing to many readers.

These are funny and fun to read, maybe even more than once. Who Would Win? Whale vs. Finally, read what happens when these two creatures face-off. Can you predict who will win? See all the addicting informational books in the Who Would Win series. See all my reasons for reading Harry Potter. But can the castle and Celie stop the Royal Council and the foreign prince from taking over the kingdom?

We LOVE this series! GREAT for reluctant readers — and anyone who loves an action-packed sci-fi mystery! Their adventures will make you laugh out loud! When left to fend for themselves, the siblings discover something very suspicious at the old mansion down the street. Throughout the story, these STEM wizards invent gadgets and gizmos and give you directions to do the same. Voyage of the Frosthart is a fantastic, illustrated adventure story about an orphan boy with forbidden musical powers. They leave the village with a Pathfinder crew, a ship that sails over the snow.

On their journey, Ash realizes that he can find his parents using the words in his childhood lullaby.

Who will he trust? And which side will he choose — light or dark? Even when she leaves the house for an errand, she forgets. Wherever that may be.

We love this story!! This is a great family read-aloud choice!

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We follow along as she adjusts to living in the White House, having a bodyguard, and experiences being the First Daughter. Action, adventure, intrigue,. He wants to be a warrior like Steve. Kicked out of their castles, these princes turn from bumbling idiots into heroes and save their kingdoms with hilarity and adventure!