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In , Effie Gladding wrote Across the Continent by the Lincoln Highway about her travel adventures on the road with her husband Thomas. Subsequently, Gladding wrote the foreword to the Lincoln Highway Association's first road guide, directing it to women motorists. Her book was the first full-size hardback book to discuss transcontinental travel, as well as the first to mention the Lincoln Highway:.

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We were now to traverse the Lincoln Highway and were to be guided by the red, white, and blue marks: sometimes painted on telephone poles; sometimes put up by way of advertisement over garage doors or swinging on hotel signboards; sometimes painted on little stakes, like croquet goals, scattered along over the great spaces of the desert. We learned to love the red, white, and blue, and the familiar big L which told us that we were on the right road.

Her son Edwin drove, and an unnamed family member joined them. Her story was published as a book, By Motor to the Golden Gate.

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Her fame came later in , with the publication of her first etiquette book. In , author Beatrice Massey, who was a passenger as her husband drove, travelled across the country on the Lincoln Highway. When they reached Salt Lake City, Utah, instead of taking the rough and desolate Lincoln Highway around the south end of the Salt Lake Desert, they took the even more rough and more desolate "non-Lincoln" route around the north end of the Great Salt Lake.

You will get tired, and your bones will cry aloud for a rest cure; but I promise you one thing—you will never be bored! No two days were the same, no two views were similar, no two cups of coffee tasted alike My advice to timid motorists is, "Go".

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In his book, not much is made of the burden of traveling with a child who has a mind of his own. When they were forced by passing cars into a ditch near DeKalb, Illinois, Van de Water writes that his son "a small irate figure in yellow oilskins" [ citation needed ] , "scrambled over the door and started to walk in the general direction of New York". In , Clinton Twiss authored the famous and funny memoir The Long, Long Trailer , about his adventures living in a trailer and traveling across America with his wife Merle. Many of their episodes occurred on the Lincoln Highway, including almost losing their brakes coming down off Donner Pass , barely squeezing across the narrow Lyons-Fulton Bridge over the Mississippi River , and getting stopped at the Holland Tunnel because trailers weren't allowed through.

Although no filming occurred on the Lincoln Highway, early in the movie, Desi, who finds Lucy's suggestion of living in a trailer ridiculous, jokes: "The Collinis at home! Please drop in for cocktails!

You'll find us someplace along the Lincoln Highway! If it had been restlessness and desire for a better way across the continent that brought the Lincoln Highway into existence, it was curiosity that kept it alive—the notion that the point of traveling was not just to cover the distance but to savor the texture of life along the way. Maybe we've lost that, but the opportunity to rediscover it is still out there waiting for us anytime we feel like turning off an exit ramp.

From through , author and historian Gregory Franzwa — wrote a state-by-state series of books about the Lincoln Highway. The books were published by the Patrice Press. Franzwa served as the first president of the revitalized Lincoln Highway Association, in About the book, Publishers Weekly said:. In his newest book, Davies Inside the Hurricane ; The Devil's Flu offers a play-by-play account of the cross-country military caravan that doubled as a campaign for the Lincoln Highway. The potential here is extraordinary.

Using the progress of the caravan and the metaphor of paving toward the future versus stagnating in the mud, Davies touches on the industrial and social factors that developed the small and mid-sized towns that line the highways and byways of the nation. In , Greetings from the Lincoln Highway: America's First Coast-to-Coast Road , a comprehensive coffee table book by Brian Butko, became the first complete guide to the road, with maps, directions, photos, postcards, memorabilia, and histories of towns, people, and places.

A mix of research and on-the-road fun, the book placed the LHA's early history in the context of roadbuilding, politics, and geography, explaining why the Lincoln followed the path it did across the US, including the oft-forgotten Colorado Loop through Denver. Butko's book also incorporated quotes from early motoring memoirs and postcard messages—sometimes funny, sometimes painfully descriptive of early motoring woes—hence the Greetings title.

Butko had previously written an exhaustive guide to the Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania in , which was revised and republished in with different photos and postcard images. In July , the W. This handy glove-compartment guide contains carefully charted maps, must-see attractions, and places to eat and sleep that are slices of pure Americana. The book covers the major thirteen states the Lincoln Highway passes through, from New York to San Francisco, as well as the little-known Colorado loop and the Washington DC feeder loop.

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In , the popular two step march "Lincoln Highway" was composed by Harry J. The sheet music featuring an uncredited drawing of the road on the cover.

Lincoln Highway Companion A Guide to America's First Coast to Coast Road

Lincoln was also the publisher, and was based in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania very near to where the highway passed through the city. In , another march titled "Lincoln Highway" was composed by George B. A video of a player-piano version can be viewed on YouTube. In , composer Harold Arlen and lyricist E. Harburg composers of " Over the Rainbow " and many other hits wrote the song "God's Country", for the musical Hooray for What!

The song starts with the famous lyric: "Hey there, neighbor, goin' my way? A rare surviving recording of the song can be found online. In , the song "Lincoln Highway Dub" is an all instrumental song created by the band Sublime in their album Robbin' the Hood.

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It features elements later used in the well-known song " Santeria ", also by Sublime. In , Smith revised some of the lyrics. The original recording of the song and the revised version can be found online. The lead track is Rushton's composition "Theme from Lincoln Highway", an ambient electronic soundscape. A music video of the song appears on YouTube. His fourth track is "Looking for the Lincoln Highway". Erickson's intent is to create a version for every Lincoln Highway state. The Dubuque Symphony premiered the composition June Also in , singer Cecelia Otto traveled the Lincoln Highway from New York to San Francisco for her project American Songline, [32] in which she performed vintage songs in period attire in venues along the highway.

In , she published a book recounting her journey and released an album of songs from her concert program; the album also featured several original songs about the highway, including "It's a Long Way to California" and "Land of Lincoln". Many of the era's stars including Ethel Barrymore , Joe E.

Brown , Claude Rains , Sam Levene , Burgess Meredith , and Joan Bennett made appearances on the show, which had an audience of more than 8 million before it left the air in Franzwa Award" at the LHA conference. The Franzwa Award is given to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the promotion of the Lincoln Highway, and is named in honor of Franzwa who was a founding member and the first president of the revitalized Lincoln Highway Association, in This episode is set in early Shot during its centennial year in , the program features historians, authors, archeologists and Lincoln Highway enthusiasts explaining the history of the road and their fascination with its many permutations over the years.

His latest victims are a San Francisco banker and his family on their way to a party.

100-year-old Lincoln Highway offers 'magic of the road'

While the masked highwayman holds them up at gun point and steals the women's jewels, the banker's daughter Marian Lois Lee finds herself strangely attracted to him. When the family finally arrives at the party, they tell the guests their tale. Steele, a secret service man Edward Piel , takes an interest in their encounter and starts working on the case. Jimmy Clunder William Russell , who arrives late is talking to Marian when a locket falls out of his pocket. Marian recognizes it, and Clunder claims that he found it on the Lincoln Highway.

She begins to suspect that he is the Lincoln Highwayman, as does Steele, Clunder's rival for Marian's love. The minute silent film documented the millionth Model T Ford and its promotional tour on the Lincoln Highway. The milestone flivver led parades through most of the towns and cities along the Lincoln Highway.

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It was driven by Ford racer Frank Kulick. Several million people are estimated to have seen the vehicle, which was greeted by governors and mayors at each stop along the route. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a highway in the United States.

For other uses, see Lincoln disambiguation. This section is in list format, but may read better as prose. You can help by converting this section , if appropriate. Editing help is available. May Main article: Route of the Lincoln Highway. Roads portal. The route, and its length, remained in constant flux in an effort to straighten the road; by , it had been shortened to 3, April 7, Highway History.

Federal Highway Administration. Retrieved December 2, Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books. Henry Holt and Company. See throughout, but especially index entry "Lincoln Highway route controversy". Official Map of the Lincoln Highway Map. Lincoln Highway Association.