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You may notice that the answer key and additional problems are provided. HINT: You are going to have to find some missing angles within your triangles knowing that all of the angles in a triangle add up to degrees. It will be due on the day of the Exam Thursday. Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent 3.

You can use Vertical Angles here. Rest of annotated Review Sheet in above link. Correction: 7 should read AB and CD intersect. If completed with these, try the problems that follow the packet with the definitions on the first page.

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Homework: None. Have a great extended weekend.

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Homework: Complete the rest of the questions in this packet. Here is an Additional Proofs Practice Worksheet that you can use to study tonight. Homework: Study for Quarter 2 Exam 1! Homework: None you can thank the fire alarm! Blank notes. The homework is at the end of this notes handout. Linked above. Test is on Wednesday! We tested today.

Annotated Notes. It is not written on the question. I will be checking your completed Review Sheets tomorrow.

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Homework: Handout. Be safe! A 36 B 54 C 72 D E none of the above. Find the distance between the trisection points of the segment joining —7, 10 and 5, —6. Solve for x.

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Given two regular polygons joined as shown with a congruent side in common, what is the regular polygon with the largest number of sides that will fit without overlap into the "V" at the top of the diagram? A square B pentagon C hexagon D heptagon E octagon. Find the measure of each interior angle of a regular octagon. A 45 B 60 C D E insufficient information. Two sides of a triangle have lengths 6 and 8.

Which of the following could not be the length of the third side?

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The diagram has the origin at its lower left corner, point P on the x -axis, and point Q on the y -axis. Segments RP and QS are vertical and horizontal, respectively. Prove that quadrilateral PQRS is a trapezoid and compute its perimeter show work.

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The sum of the exterior angles of a regular polygon is What is the name of the polygon? A triangle B square C pentagon D hexagon E insufficient information. AB equals. A 2 B 2 x C 8 D 8 x E insufficient information. Given that Z 11, —11 is the midpoint of segment QR , where Q has coordinates 5, p and R has coordinates s , t , which of the following is true? In the diagram in 54, add point M midway between A and B , and assume that the conclusion of 54 has already been proved. Also assume that you have already computed AB , which is Match each of the labeled regions in the Venn diagram to the correct name below.

Refer to the diagram above.

Which of the following would be a correct way of denoting the empty set? Mark all that apply. Which of the following is the contrapositive of "When Woody is hungry, he eats everything in sight"? A If Woody is not hungry, he does not eat everything in sight. B If Woody is not eating everything in sight, he is not hungry. C If Woody is eating everything in sight, he is hungry. D If Woody is hungry, he is not necessarily eating everything in sight. E none of the above. Find a statement that is equivalent to the converse of the following statement: "Every American who is convicted of a serious crime will serve time in prison.

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B If you serve time in prison, then you are either an American or a person who committed a serious crime or both. C If you serve time in prison, then you are neither an American nor a person who committed a serious crime.

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D If you serve time in prison, then you are both an American and a person who committed a serious crime. For problems 63 through 68, write the name of the quadrilateral that most precisely describes plane figure ABCD. As you may know, the Washington Monument is feet tall.

How tall is the celebrity, and what league does he or she play in? Show a diagram and your work.

As has been known for millennia, the full moon occupies almost exactly the same apparent portion of the sky that the sun does. This remarkable coincidence is most noticeable during a solar eclipse, when only the faintest rim of the sun its corona is visible.