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2. Your current relationship could use some help.

So, say you had a dream about an acquaintance from high school — someone you haven't thought about for years and years. While the dream may seem totally out of the blue, it's possible that you saw someone earlier in the day who reminded your brain of your former friend. This may have happened without you even realizing it, but your mind stored the information regardless.

Even if you've gone no-contact with your ex, that person may still occupy a part of your brain — especially while you're sleeping. Although dreaming about your ex can be disconcerting — especially if you're in a relationship with someone else — these dreams don't necessarily mean you want to get back together. Jennifer Freed, a family behavioral specialist, said it could mean that "you are making your best effort to own the parts of you that you gave over to them, whether good or bad, and that you have an opportunity to become more whole.

Even creepier than dreaming about an ex or someone you once knew is dreaming about someone you don't know at all: a stranger. It may surprise you to learn that about 50 percent of the people we dream about are strangers. That is, people who are unfamiliar to us. An older study via Psychology Today found that these strangers tend to be male.

A Tale of Midwestern Life, Science, Marriage, Children and Shoes

McNamara revealed that this is further proof that dreams do not necessarily mimic our everyday lives. If you've ever lost track of someone in a dream, you may awaken with an awful sinking feeling in your stomach. This type of dream is "unsettling," Carder Stout, licensed psychotherapist and dream analyst confirmed to Goop. But, what does it mean? Well, according to Stout, the meaning changes slightly depending on who exactly is the person getting lost.

In your waking life, he suggested loosening up: "…play more and stop being such a grown-up. Dreaming of death may leave you feeling frightened upon waking. But, try not to worry.

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It's not a bad omen. This could be a toxic friendship or an unfulfilling job. You will want to pay attention to who is dying in your dream, though. Are you dreaming of someone with whom you have some deep-seated issues? If so, you'll likely want to address those feelings in real life. Chasing dreams — or nightmares — tend to involve "great amounts of anxiety," Michael R. As scary as these dreams may be in the moment, they're not always as bad as they seem on the surface. As an example, Olsen illustrated that a woman might dream of being tailed by another woman, but, upon turning around, sees an unassuming street musician.

KWC 92​-​Dreaming of You

Yep, the person you are running from may actually be a version of yourself that you should run to. However, this isn't always the case. If you find you're being chased by "a very dominating" person, Olsen said this may be a trait you possess, are embarrassed about, and thus run away from in your dreams.

Your dreams contain many version of you. After almost a year of development, Foursquare has released a public beta , with the caveat that Marsbot in its current nascent state is but an apparition of what she will grow into. And we get to do it. At first, I was disappointed because Marsbot displayed none of the flirty interaction that Crowley had outlined at SCS.

If Marsbot had been dreaming of joining me at various speakeasies and SpinCycle outlets, she kept it to herself.

But what about our special places? She was less of a companion and more of a chatterbot Time Out. Sometimes, though, Marsbot is pretty useful. During the July 4th weekend I was in Philadelphia and really wanted a place to go with relatives for a drink. I took her suggestion to check it out, and it was great. On another occasion I had a lunch date near the Medium New York office. But that morning, Marsbot had touted a new Japanese tapas restaurant nearby.

I was excited — finally, Marsbot and I would have an adventure. But when I escorted my lunch companion to the location, we discovered that it did not serve lunch.

Dreaming of You

When Marsbot ventured away from food and drink, she was off her game. Since I was an early tester, Crowley was eager to hear my experience when I re-interviewed him on Marsbot. We met in late June. I asked Crowley what happened to the flirting. He acknowledged that the Marsbot has been dosed on digital tranks. Something like that could unrealistically ramp up expectations, he says. Flirtatious texts seem like invitations to respond, and Marsbot, despite her Zagat-like grasp of breakfast places and lounges that serve exotic margaritas, lacks conversational acumen.

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Crowley says Foursquare will dial up the flirting as Marsbot gets age appropriate. I told Crowley about the afternoon Marsbot pointed me to a place that was only serving dinner. Though he acknowledged that it was a bummer, he considered the event a win for Marsbot — it found a new place for lunch for me! The stuff about hours open, he said, was just a beta glitch that would be fixed.

I conceded his point. Overall, I found Marsbot promising, but it would be a lot more powerful if, like Google Now, and even iOS notifications, it was able to access stuff like your browsing history and calendar to really know what you were up to, so its Pilgrim-based suggestions would be even more uncanny, and it could even take actions on your behalf.

Marsbot might even be able to zero in on future lunch dates and actually find good places for the meeting. And maybe even book the reservation. Crowley agreed that path makes sense.

Honduras: Dreaming of you | International Committee of the Red Cross

But his vision for Marsbot in the future is even more ambitious, casting Marsbot as a rival to Alexa and SIRI, at least in her preferred domains. But will it be interesting a year from now, when we perfect it? A longtime exec at Internet companies, Glueck came to Foursquare at the suggestion of VC Ben Horowitz two years ago, ascending to the top spot in that January remix. Foursquare gets a big income stream from the major players who have licensing arrangements that allow them to take fuller advantage of Pilgrim.

For instance, Twitter recently made a huge deal to use Foursquare data to geo-locate tweets. It also gets money from advertising; a technology called Pinpoint allows companies to target audiences by location. Glueck even made a surprising statement that check-ins are up in With Pilgrim, Foursquare can be confident enough about where you are, that it checks in for you. Other past studies have also found that dreams can influence our actions and emotional state the next day.

Certainly the father of all psychoanalysis would agree. Keep reading to see what these money dreams mean. She also recommends capitalizing on how you felt when you were asleep. Take advantage of this amazing feeling you had and bring this confidence with you into your daily life. Follow HerMoney on Instagram.

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