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During off days, when Nellie had no news, the paper ran Bly-related items to keep-up reader enthusiasm. By the time Nellie returned, the paper had received more than , "guesses.

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A feminist and a progressive, she was an independent thinker who did not appreciate treatment of women as second-class citizens. Wishing to visit a Hindu temple, in Singapore, she was rebuffed by a local priest. She wrote about her reaction, using 19th-century language:.

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On the home stretch of her round-the-world trip, Nellie worried about the time it was taking to complete her race. I'd rather go back to New York dead than not a winner.

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Quoted by Richard F. When she reached San Francisco, she knew victory was in sight. The trip became a:. By the end of her trip, Nellie Bly was the most-famous woman in the world. Minimizing her trail-blazing role, and underscoring that other women could also embark upon—and accomplish—amazing things, Bly responded to a comment, from a San Francisco Chronicle reporter, who noted that her trip was remarkable:.

Around the World in Seventy-Two Days (The Record) [AudioBook]

Oh, I don't know. It's not so very much for a woman to do who has the pluck, energy and independence which characterize many women in this day of push and get-there. Most of us know the iconic high-wheeler bicycle. Most of us have wondered how one would get up on it, and then stay on it, peddling along, perched high atop a very large wheel. Thomas learned how to do so, and made it around the world on this unusual new form of conveyance.

But he is gone so long that by the time he gets home, the bicycle has become much more widely adopted. This story is based on Thomas Stevens's actual account of his journey, Around the World on a Bicycle. Nellie Bly was the one traveler that I had heard of, but I knew little about her travels. She proposed a journey around the world to beat the record of eighty days. Eventually talking the New York World newspaper into supporting such a trip, she set off, traveling alone. This was unusual in those days, to say the least. Her journey was quite different from that of Thomas Stevens, and though it wasn't an easy one, had to be somewhat less arduous than his.

But she was brave and determined, and made it all on her own. This tale is the most emotional of all.

Around the World in Seventy-Two Days

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