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The Horizon is about the same cost, but it is so much better. The ride is far more fluid. I'm used to having to keep my knees bent to absorb shocks from sidewalk cracks and asphalt, or my head felt like it was getting jostled too much. The Horizon lets you forget about that.

2018 Was the Year of the Scooter. What Happens Now?

I'm about lbs, and I can keep 16mph on the steeper uphills, and I usually get around 22mph on the flats. I've hit 25 on a downhill, but I'm sure without wind, I could approach max speed on a long flat. Out-of-the-box, there were a few rattles, I needed to tighten the rear mudguard, and the brake nut a turn, and now it it much quieter.

I hear a little rattle over rougher terrain, but not as bad as the Segway. My daughter rode the Segway with me through our hilly neighborhood, and the Horizon was noticeably faster on all but the steepest grades.

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She passed me on the Segway due to being 80lbs lighter. On moderate hills, I could keep the same speed or faster. Peter from FluidFreeRide sent me a link to customize the controller - it is fairly flexible. The regen doesn't seem to work much, I assume I have to use the brake handle to engage it -- sometimes I hear a little motor sound, but it isn't very strong at all. The Segway has good regen braking. I turned on cruise-control, but it is a bit finicky.

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You need to be going the same speed for seconds before it kicks in. Hoping they improve that. The battery indicator decreases when strong power is put to the motor. I'm not sure if that is a feature or a bug.

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Overall, a really nice scooter -- I'm glad that I can return the Segway and ride this from now on! Cool scooter! So much better than my old Xiaomi.

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Better acceleration and faster! I like the fluid design of this model in black much better than the Zero 8 with huge branding. Now I am looking forward to going to work next week. Available in two variants: with Limitations apply, please see our full warranty and returns policy. Why re-invent the wheel literally! Titan Group is a well regarded Chinese manufacturer of high quality electric scooters. They are mostly known for their range of Zero branded scooters sold by the Singaporean retailer and distributor Falcon PEV.

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It is a clone of the successful and well reviewed Zero 8 electric scooters with a few tweaks to its design. You will get proven technology with a fluidfreeride minimalistic design in combination with our renown customer service.

Facebook Instagram YouTube. Search again. In stock! Shipping next business day. Customer Reviews. Acceleration is fairly slow - but the unit is powerful once it gets going. Battery Tire size 8" rear solid, 8. Amelia used the scooter around the airport and to different places which was more faster. She also gave lessons to her aboard students. She also taught her students to understand how things worked to take advantage of each of them. The modern scooter was made in the year in Switzerland.

Wim Ouboter who was a former banker in Zurich, spend a period of not less than ten years to come up with the modern kick scooter. His sister had a problem with legs so the scooters were not something new to him. His sister had no exciting rides like skis and bikes since she had a longer leg than the other one.

He made sure that he struggled to come up with the modern scooter that would be used by both people who had the disability and those who did not have. He came up with the Eureka moment that included his thoughts on the distance of his favorite sausage shop which was too far when he walked and too short when he used the scooter for adventure. Scooters can be used to serve many purposes.

They can be used for transportation, for adventure, and can also be used by people who have low stamina among others. Scooters are widely used in the present generation for fast movement from one place to another.

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Scooters are affordable hence you got all the reasons to own one. The list above of the unbelievable facts will help you learn more about the facts on scooters. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit. Related Articles.

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