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I'm not convinced by Adams when he protests about deadlines. He didn't work well in the Marvel environment really, nor for very long. His stint on the X-Men was pretty good, but other than that he was just showing here and there for one-shots and a few incredibly brief runs. I always got the sense he'd lose interest in the projects, or maybe he'd take on too much. He always seems to have disputes with his writers.

Whatever the case he's one of those great talents who is measured on some relatively small output, though it's more than Steranko for sure.

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I have much more on Neal Adams next month. Posted by Rip Jagger at AM. RickM November 24, at AM. It was a bit weird how much it got mentioned. I don't think the characters had much reason to even be interacting with each other. There was a mention of a the aliens having same sex relationships but only in passing. One of the invading male aliens had a boyfriend. The merchant, who gave Olmayne and Tomis a ride in his fancy car, said he supplied drugs to the alien so he could give them to his boyfriend as a gift.

I think the merchant might have said of the boyfriend "they have those too" as in, among all the other ways they are similar to us they also have gay people, not sure. Regarding Avluela, and her confession to having been given the most physical pleasure by the Prince. I thought the message, if any, to that exchange, was it was still rape when consent was never given, whether your body responds or not. Please give me a page reference for this. That's okay, found it. Thanks for mentioning it, definitely needs to be noted. Italics in the text. It was supposed to be part of a museum, but I bought it off a crooked invader.

You didn't know they had crooked ones too, eh? Yes, they've got those , too. He was looking for a certain fancy root that grows on a planet of the Fishes, something to give his virility a little boost, you know, and he learned that I controlled the whole supply here, and so we were able to work out a little deal. I got as far as p. I might have soldiered on for a less obscure author or title, but this seems to be safely off the radar, and meanwhile the TBR Pile is only growing.

By page 39 a couple of trainees of a curious Institute escape into the savage outer world looking to wreak havoc and mayhem, up to and including murder, for vague reasons or no reasons--all the images of violence they've been fed apparently made them yearn for the real thing, plus car crashes and similar give them hard-ons o where have we read that tedious crap before?

The nameless narrator claims to be interested in finding "females", to determine "whether I truly desire females and would be capable with them Malzberg, who I gather is gay himself, at least doesn't stoop to homophobia, but one might wish for less clumsy "support", to say nothing of the concomitant misogyny. Speaking of which, that reaches an early apogee on p.

They run into a man, a child, and a "female". I take out my gun fully then. Before this it has dangled from a hand, dangled into a fold of the jacket. Now I expose it to her as if I had whisked a tumescent prick out of clothing to give her a look at the real treasures. Indeed, my erection is throbbing below, painfully full of conviction, urging me onward. It is disgraceful that I should be excited at a time as crucial as this, but on the other hand my problems must be considered.

I pass my pistol over to the rather astonished Lawson, lurch from the car, managing to topple her in the opening action of the door, and drag her over to a little clump of bushes where I set upon her like sainted Zapruder himself, and to prove my estimate of her humanity, my worth, my need, I rape the shit out of her. Up next: The Ophiuchi hotline by John Varley.

Even the most chauvinist straight men admit that women have a role in the world, albeit a very limited one.

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Seems to me that's a typically male point of view--as if women ought to be grateful for being seen as "useful" at least as sex toys. I won't presume to speak for all women, but personally, in a "desert island" test, I'd rather be stranded with a gay misogynist who wouldn't want to fuck me, even if he ended up trying to roast me for dinner probably a mutual plan tbh , than a straight one who'd want the same AND to fuck me. Women don't typically fear roving gangs of gay men.

I don't know enough about Malzberg to pronounce on him as a person.

My impression of the text, as far as I got, is that the rapey machismo and the obvious imitation of Ballard was meant to appeal to a straight male audience also making the "homosex" more palatable--sort of ancient-Greeky etc. Just checking, because I want to make sure I never accidentally pick up the book you describe.

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  5. Grey (2009) argues that scientific management and human relations appear to be very different but in fact both attempting to achieve the same ends: Compare ... highlighting similarities and differences.

Let's see, I remember ditching three books to date not all for the same reasons : 1. Beasts of Gor 2. On checking out what the Other Site had to say about Malzberg's book--only two reviews--there's this from the longer review : Malzberg only allows for two female characters in the whole story—one is raped and murdered, and the other is a submissive member of the westerly harem, a broken woman who does as she is told. At first I really enjoyed the promise of the Sodom and Gomorrah Business, with its dystopian-lite setting and staccato three page chapters, but in the end the story was a light stab at social commentary drenched in the sweat and blood of sado-masochism.

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The result is bascailly a not-nearly-as-fun precursor to Escape From New York. I can't say that I recommend the Sodom and Gomorrah Business on any level. Probably the weirdest part of this book is that it is dedicated to Malzberg's daughter. Right, there's a dedication "For Stephanie Jill Malzberg", apparently not, as I hoped, a much-hated aunt. He dedicated this to a daughter? Also, it seems I was totally wrong thinking Malzberg's gay. Apologies to anyone who feels personally offended by my supposition! In , articles he wrote for the Bulletin with Mike Resnick triggered a controversy about sexism among members of the association.

Female authors strongly objected to comments by Resnick and Malzberg such as references to "lady editors" and "lady writers" who were "beauty pageant beautiful" or a "knock out. I probably read some of his short stories back in the 60s and 70s, but don't recall any of them. I mean, why resort to rape? A man and woman, stranded indefinitely on a desert island?

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Surely time and nature would take their course? What course would that be? So all women are going to sleep with all men if they're the only one available, and vice versa? Setting aside the possibility of one or both of them being gay, have you never heard the phrase "Not if you were the last man on Earth?

That reminds of--I think Damon Knight's? The guy's a sleazy bastard and the woman is a fool and a repressed prig. For whatever reason the selfish and unlikely hero yet feels they have a duty to the species so he does his best to persuade the horsey and leathery blushing spinster she ought to regard him as her husband the sooner the better, given their age , despite the lack of official blessings.

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Finally she gives in. Just before they mean to set off to look for a convenient abode he pops into the loo for a moment--more blushes from the new Eve, who decides to wait for him as far away from the bog as possible--and gets himself locked in. And realises eventually that never, ever, will she dare come looking for him in the gents.

That's just not done. Yeah, it's Damon Knight. Minor characters : Mari , medic, female; Vejay , scientist, male; Jasmine , scientist, female then male; Cass , Cathay's son; Iphis , spacer, male; William , Ophiuchi spokesman, original alien gender uncertain.